Tambayan Sa Kanto: A Gastronomic Tour at the Heart of Ortigas.

Tambayan is a Filipino term to describe a place where a group of friends usually come to hang-out. Kanto is a term used to refer to a corner. With the nice ambiance, delicious food, and friendly waiters who would also double as your photographer (and tell you do a wacky pose or a jump shot), there's no doubt that TSK will be a favorite among family, friends and office mates. Truly, one of the best places to hang-out for Authentic Filipino Dishes!

Travel Kit Essentials : Sun and Bug Protection

I've been travelling a lot since April this year, and I'm just about learning how to pack light. Now I understand the importance of packing just what is needed, as I want to be able to move around with ease when I roam. I'll be sharing with you some items that are on my Travel … Continue reading Travel Kit Essentials : Sun and Bug Protection