Hello There!


Thank you for dropping by my blog.

Please click my new website: http://www.ElviraPalmesManlulu.com
where I will be posting my travels and photography.

Sorry. You might find my blogs and websites a bit confusing, as I have just re-branded my image. (Naks!) That’s why you’re being taken on a roller-coaster ride too!

If you have landed on my BossAel blog, you’ll be able to see that I have been trying to have work-life balance. I was a workaholic boss a few years ago, and I am currently freelancing as I take a career break. I let my old domain expire, because I have decided to get a myfullname[dot]com domain and re-brand my image, as I finally thought of a username that fits my personality!

You may now call me @RuggedPixie. Except for the blog, I renamed my old social media accounts as Rugged Pixie (in IG, Facebook and Twitter), but also registered new accounts with the @BossAel usernames (in IG and Twitter), so I still get any communication directed towards those usernames. I’ll still keep those as my office and tech personas. But I will be spending more time in Social Media as @RuggedPixie – simply because I feel like it’s a more current version of me. It sounds friendlier too, do you agree?

Anyway, my old travel photos are here on the old blog, but the newer ones and the journal stories will be posted on http://ElviraPalmesManlulu.com – that’s where the Rugged Pixie blog resides. I’ll be doing more modifications soon for the website, as I would want it to be my digital home.

Again, Thanks for dropping by! Feel free to visit my pages. 🙂





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