#DMreflection as I learn more about Digital Marketing

#DMreflection —  I started a free online course on Digital Marketing from Future Learn October last year, but I paused mid-way since I had a scheduled trip to Balabac, Palawan, to coordinate some tours for KilometerZeroPH.

The topics in the DM course were interesting, even though it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for. I initially thought that the course would cover the tools I need in order to do digital marketing for my business, but it was more of the theories behind the discipline.

The course was structured to enable the learner to be a critical thinker about the tools, concepts, practices and case studies revolving around DM. It takes the learner through lessons that make her aware of the customer journeys, the marketer’s storytelling, technologies & digital assets, and concepts involving data, privacy & analytics.

Have you ever been side-tracked by researching further than the intended topic on an online course?

It is true that when as you learn, you begin to realize that there is more to learn. During the first week, I used to get side-tracked as I researched further on the topics to get a better grasp of the lessons. I realized that there really is a career path to Digital Marketing, and Big Data as well, to better understand the market –to which businesses sell products or services.

I think it would have been better if I was able to finish this course in two to three weeks as I originally planned. It’s a good thing that Massive Open Online Courses are designed for learners to study at their own convenient times. At any case, this course has introduced me to concepts that I need to study further as I learn more about Digital Marketing.

If you’re interested with Free Online Courses, consider choosing from the various offerings at FutureLearn (https://www.futurelearn.com). They have a wide variety of topics that I caught my attention, and I have added to my bucket-list of courses to take in the next weeks. I’m sure you’ll find something interesting there as well.

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