TaskUs – a #RidiculouslyGood place to be in


My very long travel season is about to end, and I have recently started looking for employment just before the rainy season began. I admit that I am particularly choosy about the location of a company that I’d like to work for next. I would prefer the companies near my place, and/or a role that would require me to travel. Like most of you, I hate the Metro Manila traffic. I prefer not to brave the length of C-5 or EDSA on any given weekday rush hour. So I’m mainly looking for opportunities within a five-kilometer radius from my place. I checked Linkedin and Jobstreet for openings near my residence, sent out my resume, and let’s see which ones would see my qualifications and capacity fit for the roles they will be filling-up.

I had the opportunity to visit the TaskUs Headquarters recently when they held a Blogger Party at TaskUs LizardBear Lair, their Headquarters in BGC. Initially, I wasn’t sure if the invite for this was because of my blog, which, I haven’t really updated in a while or if it was because of the resume I sent to a former boss. But heck! I’ve heard a lot about the TaskUs offices, that I really wanted to take a peek into their workplace, so I RSVP’d.

They have a strict building policy, that every visitor needs to check in twice. One at the lobby, and at their floor. So in case you get yourself an interview, bring 2 IDs. As I stepped into their reception area, I was greeted with warm smiles of Ms. Annalyn Morales and other teammates before being endorsed to register with the guard at the floor.

EPM07726 - Copy
The TaskUs headquarters, known as the “LizardBear Lair” in the TaskUs community, is located in BGC. Launched in 2015, the Lair takes on a fresh concept of the modern workspace, combining high-tech with high performance. The site features Star Trek-inspired board rooms, a gym, a shower room, bean bags, hot desks, and nap rooms. Its rise signalled the rapid growth of TaskUs.


It took a while for the event to start. But there were a few other bloggers around, so I was able to chat a bit with these techy individuals who are so passionate about their blogs. Some of which I have met before at another blogger event.

This Blogger Party was to showcase what’s with TaskUs & why people would want to be there. At the same time they made it as a recruitment event, getting a specific niche of social media-savvy individuals who they are profiling for a specific account.

The TaskUs teammates welcomed us during cocktails. I sensed thier authenticity with their warmth and genuine happiness as they share stories of what they do there.
I also felt they were anxious about meeting the bloggers, and worried about not being able to start on time. It was raining earlier that evening, and knowing the traffic going to BGC during rush hour, I was pretty sure a lot of participants would be late.

Anyway, we were able to meet thier cute mascot, Lizzy, a lizzard and a bear rolled into one. I honestly wanted to take her home.

EPM07675 - Copy
Meet LizardBear — a lizard and a bear rolled into one. TaskUs thrives with the adaptability of a lizard and the curiosity and tenacity of a bear. Apart from that, LizardBear knows a thing or two about being one of a kind because at TaskUs, diversity is celebrated.


They toured us around the two floors. Sorry no photos were allowed to be taken at the Ops. But I was able to take some snaps of their gym, lounge/locker area and their pantry. I think they’re pretty cool!


Ms. Karen Mae San Andres hosted the talk, and we were shown TaskUs videos starting with the co-founders, Bryce Maddock and Jaspar Weir, who talked about the beginning and growth of the company to its five thousand employees. There were clips showing their various employee engagement activities and the account that they were currently profiling for.

Honestly, I would want to work here. Though, I really wasn’t sure if they were able to profile me correctly. I was told that they were only given a list of the invitees, and not the post that the candidates were applying for. I did proceed with the teammate assessment, though. Of course, I passed the initial assessment, and was given a take-home assignment- which I was able to complete (after they emailed that I missed a few minor details). They did say that they need to fill posts this July for the Shopify account, but I haven’t received any feedback yet. Anyway, I won’t be available until August due to some prior commitment. Other than that, they could have hired me yesterday!

You might want to check their website, TaskUs.com and Jobstreet for their latest openings. There might be a role fit for you in one of their offices.

Why would one like to work with TaskUs?

I have seen several posts in social media that TaskUs offices look casual, similar to those silicon valley tech startups (which are now giants) like Google and Facebook. Who wouldn’t be inspired to work in that kind of environment. It seems to be a place where one would be inspired to believe in oneself and work with others. They encourage the team members to always strive for excellence, letting them think outside the box, and do more with less; exercise emotional intelligence, work hard, have fun, and Be Ridiculous! I think that a company that would support you in your endeavor is great place to be in.

And their office is just 10 minutes away from my place (during rush hour). Perfect! They really found strategic locations to build their offices.

TaskUs is not a company; it’s a community.

It seems to be a place where cultures collide — in the most colorful and ridiculous way. It seems to be a place where you can come and the work is not like the cookie cutter type BPO that has well defined, and sometimes boring routine. It is a place where you can not just innovate, but create your own standards with the team. Normalcy has no room in a place where everything is made of ridiculously good stuff. Therefore, TaskUs is a #RidiculouslyGood place to be in.

Too good to be true?

From an outsider’s point of view, it seems too good to be true. But on a personal note, two of the most awesome bosses I have known in my entire career is part of TaskUs. I was fortunate to have worked previously with Robert Hayes (Country Manager) and Chico Inong (VP, Operations, Cavite Site), in another call center. It was an honor for me to have been part of the Senior Leadership Team they have formed in Clark. They do put their heart and soul in making sure that the account got the best talent with the right attitude. With that start, they were able to manage and guide the team to perform and deliver. It was a tough account, but they strive to build a culture that would make the people want to come to work, where leaders and front-liners were mentored, and hard work is appreciated. They were able to make a great working environment and they were able reach out to the team members and inspired them to give their best. As a result, the company have been awarded top vendor for the account. No wonder TaskUs got these execs.

And if Rob and Chico chose to be with with TaskUs, I couldn’t find any other reason why I should not try for a post there! I do hope there would be a role there that would be fit for me. At any case, I do hope that Andz and Jon, and the other bloggers who also attended the Blogger Party also considers to push thru with their applications and be part of the company soon.


Check out the 360 videos of the TaskUs offices:
LizardBear Lair in BGC

Chateau Ridiculous in Anonas

Lizzy’s Nook, Imus, Cavite

TaskUs feature by WSJ


To learn more about TaskUs, please visit their website, http://www.taskus.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TaskUsPH
Instagram:  @taskusph



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