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Makati, Philippines — Most startups & small and medium sized businesses here in the Philippines have been doing manual accounting and payroll systems. With the government’s recent move to computerize filing for BIR, SSS and PhilHealth, etc., now is a good time to start automating your records.

Like most startup entrepreneurs, I’m also looking for business solutions that would fit our needs and budget. My partners and I was able to manage registering our company, building the website, handling customer service within our first year. We really want to hire an accountant to manage the proper filing of taxes, but we’re not yet at a point where we’re earning even half of an accounting firm’s fees. That’s really frustrating!

I’m not knowledgeable in accounting, but I consider myself tech savvy. I can consolidate reports from our vendor, track down transactions (even though they are not in double entry form yet), keep a decent excel file, and fill up the basic eBIR forms. So, honestly, paying a high monthly fee for accounting services doesn’t excite me. I have also started googling out some online solutions, but since most of the popular ones are made across the globe, I wasn’t sure their support for Philippine residents would be easily available. Fortunately I came across Mustard Seed.

When I learned about the Mustard Seed Systems Corporation, or Mustard Seed, and their business solutions software presentation, I signed-up because I’d like to revive my blog with articles that are relevant to my work and business. I wanted to know how KMZ can benefit from using a package software like this. I was more interested in the MYOB (Mind Your Own Business) software because it is what a startup needs. Payroll PRO may also be a great tool to have when we eventually hire employees.

Here’s an overview of the two software solutions they discussed:

MYOB Business Basic

MYOB Business Basic
Price P24,999
General Ledger, Invoicing, Bank Reconciliation, Single User

MYOB system does not require the user to have any accounting experience to use the system. 

MYOB Accounting system  takes care of the double-entry accounting entries for you.   It will post the transactions to the relevant accounts, and will generate the Trail balance, Balance Sheet and Income Statement automatically for you.

MYOB Business Basics has the following functions to help you manage your small business :

  • Accounts (Chart of Accounts, Budgets)
  • Banking (Bank Register, Bank Reconciliation, Payment Vouchers, Official Receipt)
  • Sales (Enter Sales, Print Invoice, Print Statement, Analyse Receivables)
  • Jobs Management
  • CardFile management (Maintain Customer, Supplier and Employee details)
  • Reports (Accounts, Sales. Banking & Sales Tax reports)

MYOB Business Basics does not  track credit purchase, account payable or stock movement.

If your business requires to record credit purchases, or track accounts payables or track inventory purchase,  then  you  need to invest in our higher range of software,  MYOB Accounting  or MYOB Premier.


Payroll Pro – Basic Edition
Price P25,900
Powerful Payroll Management made easy.

When business is growing, one needs to breeze through payday pressure with a powerful payroll management system that will fit the budget. Mustard Seed Business Solutions will show you a reliable, accurate, flexible and easy to use payroll system – The Philippine Payroll PRO.

All Mustard Seed Business Solution Products were developed to provide the small-medium enterprises with financial and business management solutions that take care of all critical business needs with minimal learning curve.

The Payroll PRO, has the following capabilities:

  • Single (1) User License
  • Maximum of 100 Employees
  • Single Company
  • Updated Government Tables
  • Complies with RA 9504 New Tax Law
  • Diskette Submission: Bank, SSS, PHIC, Pag-ibig, Alphalist
  • Computes 13th month pay, bonuses, and quit claim
  • Prints Payslip, Journal Entries for Integration to Accounting System
  • Free Biometric Timekeeping Device (model H5)
  • Free 1day Training for 1 person (MSSC Training Center)
  • Free PRIORITY SUPPORT! Email support and updates within Dec 2015
I think the two software packages would be a valuable tool for any startup. Mustard Seed also provides support for using the tools, and their customer service and tech support teams are just a local phone call away. That beats getting an online service with an international hotline.

If you’re interested in their service, send me your contact info at and I’ll be glad to connect  you to a representative of Mustard Seed.

Company Name : Mustard Seed Systems Corporation
Address: 1001 Summit One Office Tower
530 Shaw Boulevard,
1550, Mandaluyong City
Telephone: Trunkline: +63(2) 535-SEED or (535-7333)
Company Information: Mustard Seed Systems Corporation started its operations in September 1999. The company was set-up mainly to distribute and sell off-the-shelf accounting and point-of-sale software in the Philippines. Given its inherent advantage of lower cost plus fast and easy implementation as compared to customized systems, off-the-shelf accounting software became very popular among Small Medium Businesses (SMB) in the Philippines, thus helping Mustard Seed grow its install base to approximately 6,000 corporations today.

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