Travel Kit Essentials : Sun and Bug Protection

I’ve been travelling a lot since April this year, and I’m just about learning how to pack light. Now I understand the importance of packing just what is needed, as I want to be able to move around with ease when I roam.

I’ll be sharing with you some items that are on my Travel and Kikay Kits.

What's on my kit: (1) Bite Be Gone Mosquito Duo (2) Beach Hut Face Sunblock SPF65 (3) Beach Hut Max 75++ Sun Spray (4) Human Nature 100% Natural Bug Shield (5) Matunas Lipbalm SPF15 (6) Matunas Facestick Sunscreen SPF30
Sun and Bug Protection for travelers and beach bums.
What’s on my kit:
(1) Bite Be Gone Mosquito Duo
(2) Beach Hut Face Sunblock SPF65
(3) Beach Hut Max 75++ Sun Spray
(4) Human Nature 100% Natural Bug Shield
(5) Matunas Lipbalm SPF15
(6) Matunas Facestick Sunscreen SPF30

Here’s the sun & bug protection kit that I brought with me in my Great BICOL Experience:

Bite be Gone 2in1 Mosquito Duo (before and after bite) – I got this tube from Rustan’s Essenses, and it’s really wonderful! It is a light scented lotion perfect to use before going to bed. There’s also a balm that one can use when you already got an insect bite.

Beach Hut Ultra Sensitive Hypoallergenic Sunblock SPF 65 – The face sunblock that is good for just lounging around or sunbathing. I won’t recommend reapplication if you plan to go in and out of the water, as it does sting the eyes. Believe me. I learned it the hard way.

Beach Hut Max SPF 75++ Clear Spray Sunblock – I love that it’s easy to apply. It’s clear, so there won’t be any lotion marks when you put it on. I’m not sure if they have a small version of this clear spray, though.

Human ❤ Nature BUG SHIELD Mosquito Repellent Deet-Free Oil. – It’s made from Eucalyptus extract, organic, locally produced, and helps farming communities in Malaybalay, Bukidnon.
This soy bean and eucalyptus infused citronella oil smells strong. Some of my friends dodn’t like the smell. But I didn’t mind wearing it when I was trekking Sta. Lucia Falls in Mt. Banahaw. It really kept all the bugs away.

Matunas Organic Lip Balm SPF 15 – It does make sense to put on some sun protection for the lips, if you are going to be under the sun for for quite some time.

Matunas Face Stick Sunscreen SPF 30 – The sunscreen to apply when one goes surfing. Trust me, it’s better to wear this, as it doesn’t come off easily, and it’s organic! I got this from Mommy Phoebe’s Place in Sitio Liwliwa, San Felipe, Zambales. – Unfortunately, I don’t know where else to get it in Manila.

If you live for the outdoors, make sure Sunscreen is always part of your travel essentials. It helps prevent sunburn and lowers the risk of getting skin cancer in the long run. While you are at it, get your self protected from insect bites too! A small bottle of Off Lotion or any other insect repellent is always a good addition to your kits.

— oOo —

Btw,I had some tanning spray and the face sunscreen transferred into pocket-sized plastic bottles (usually found in Watson’s) so they won’t occupy as much space in my bag.

And here’s the actual Sun Kit that I’ll brought to Gubat & Bulusan last-last weekend:

Sun Essentials for Sorsogon
Sunscreen minis and a big orange sun spray.
I met the lovely ladies of Sun & Sea Maidens in Gubat, Sorsogon. I’ll write about their lovely products in a separate article. But I did ask them if they’d consider making Sun Sticks and Lipbalms. They said they hope they would. They just needed to get the right formula for those products. Yay! I’d definitely watch out for those sun stuff made by local surfer girls 🙂

I’m hoping to see some good sun and surf in Baler this November 23-24, 2013 with JourneyingJamesTours Baler Tres. Hope to see you there too!

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