My Thoughts on Social Media.

LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+. What do these have in common?

These services are part of the technology called Social Media.

According to Wikipedia, “The term social media refers to the use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into interactive dialogue. Social media are media for social interaction, as a superset beyond social communication, but mainly still communicating just interactively using accessible and scalable communication techniques.”

Social Media allows advertisers the ability to reach more in a short amount of time. It even allows them to focus on a specific target audience. Those who use Social media for marketing are able to build their “social authority” by establishing themselves as experts and becoming “influencers”.

My tweets may not be worth $10,000 each like Kim Kardashian’s posts, but I know that I can pull off gathering some of the best candidates for our sister company. And for those former employees and verticals I have handled, I can still use this technology to guide them through the career paths.

For simple users like me, I use these tools to communicate with friends, former colleagues and acquaintances.

What’s great about Social Media?
·         I was able to find two of my gradeschool best friends after 11 years through Friendster in 2005.
·         Last year, I got my current job through because a CEO of certain organization was able to find my profile and forward it to my current boss.
·         A few months ago, I got a few spa deals to pamper myself through some social marketing websites.
·         I would be able to send my mom on a vacation to her hometown this October because I learned about the seat sale from a local airline through Facebook.

Whether it is for personal connection, finding fabulous deals, or searching for a job to start off your career, social media is the best way to get information without breaking a sweat.

There’s a lot of great things we, the end users, benefit from this technology. As it turns out, there is also a downside in getting connected.

There are social media strategists that bombard us with too many advertisements. Like spam email, we may also get junk posts and be tagged in advertisement photos in our Facebook accounts. I really don’t like being tagged on photos that say “Earn 20K using Facebook!”.

As much as you can write and read about current events and up-to-date information, Social Media are also being used by some to spread rumors or false information. Just recently, there were tweets that US President Obama died after being shot. Some inappropriate pictures leaked that lead a US Senator to resign from his post a few weeks back. Twitter posts also caused some issues in the local celebrity scene.

People who embrace the Social Media technology are empowered to do more. But as we get connected with these awesome technologies, we also have to show responsibility and maturity.

Accoridng to DR. Pamela Rutledge, “One of the tenets of social media is that you can’t control your message; you can only participate in the conversation.”
When you have a significant influence to your audience, you have to be responsible on what you share.

Although life may seem unfair to us at times, it would be nicer if we think if we are sharing good content rather than junk posts.

It is always refreshing so see friends posting vacation photos and tweeting words of encouragement. Similarly, it bothers me to see negative posts and below-the belt sarcastic remarks. I do hope that social media users would think before posting something that may hurt another person.

I am choosing to use Social Media as means of sharing information that would bring a positive effect on my readers. I hope you would too.

I support GMA7’s campaign. Think before you click.

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