KM 132 – Subic Bay, Olongapo City, Zambales

I started to make travel plans in 2008, but work schedule made only a few opportunities.

The first time I’ve been to Subic was when Team Sarah Lukban invited me to their Team Building. The trip was fun because of the people I was with. (Photos to be uploaded soon). But we didn’t really had time to explore. We stayed in a resthouse owned by Cindy’s relatives in Baretto.

The Baretto beach was not even worthy to be called my least favorite. It rained when we got there; so the water was not that clear the next morning. It was just a small town, and almost everywhere is just a walk away from The Coffee House, where they serve their delicious & famous Giant Tacos!

I haven’t been to the Zoobic Safari yet, but I’d rather see the animals running in the wild at NatGeo than in captivity.

The only thing that captured my interest in Subic Bay Freeport was how Richard Gordon got volunteers to improve SBMA and later provided jobs for these locals.

SBMA is more for Business and Leisure Trips. An off-beat traveler like me should go ahead and explore further from KM 132.



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