KM 326 – Hundred Islands, Lucap, Alaminos and Dagupan, Pangasinan

August 28-29, 2010 — Hundred Islands, Lucap, Alaminos, and Dagupan, Pangasinan

This trip  was planned about two weeks in advance. Well, It wasn’t really planned. We just set a date. I just told Bang to bring backpack, cameras and swim wear. And the destination was suggested after thinking about what to bring.

It is another one of those long weekends that the regular people (those who are not from the BPO industry) enjoy. Bang already filed for leave, and I was about to get my first few holidays since I got back to Manila.

We left Cubao at about 10am and reached Lucap by 4pm. We checked out Lucap first, and planned to go back to town to check in, freshen up and walk around before sleeping. But we were so tired. I ended up sleeping instead.

The next day, we went back to Lucap and rented a boat. The islands were beautiful. We went to Governor’s Island, Marcos Island, Quezon Island and another one, which has a platform. We had packed lunch in Quezon Island, and had some Nestle Ice Cream too!

We had a few hours for the island hopping to take photos and dip into the clear waters. I was hesitant to jump off a cliff in Imelda Cave since I can’t really swim. I did wear a life vest, and jumped without alerting Bang and Jeng. Thus, no documentary of that two-story cliff.


We agreed to check out early, and go back to Manila. But when we felt that it was too early to go home, we decided to go on road trip to Dagupan. We rode a van, and arrived on a rainy afternoon. Most stores were closed since it was a Sunday, and the nice cafe restaurant we went to did not have Bangus available for the night. We walked around for some sight seeing, and ended up ordering grilled Bangus from one of the stalls by the street.


We had budget meals for that day, and I got my tupig. But we had to wait a few more hours for the last bus. A hot cup of chocolate from Gloria Jeans was divine!

One thing I learned from this trip, is not to push through when you’re not feeling well. I spend almost the whole trip with dry cough, and that will not happen again. I will be keeping my self healthy. I deserve to enjoy my trips.

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