New Manager Blog – Lesson #1. One Minute Goal Setting

It’s been a while since I broke down into tears because of exhaustion.
I know that I work hard. I get things done. But I just have to learn how to say “No” when I have too much on my plate.

Blame it on me for not being an effective manager yet.
I just finished a book called The One Minute Manager.
And I learned that perhaps one of the reasons I fail as a manager is because I have not set the proper expectations to my subordinates.
And guess what, it is also the same reason why I fail as a subordinate myself.

I acknowledge the fact that I have a lot to learn.
Delegating Tasks, Time Management, and knowing all the KPI’s.
On top of this, I still need to read through email, roll out updates, watch the queue, coach my TC’s, attend admin hearings and sign tons of documents.
Darn. Bang is right. “Hindi nauubos ang trabaho.”

Nevermind the fact that I was still working on a process documentation when I was supposed to be sleeping.
Bottomline: I woke up late. I got a text message from my boss asking me if I was already in the office.

OMG! It’s 2am. I’m an hour late from my shift. I called my boss and said sorry for not being able to get there on time. And when I got to the office one of the higher beings escalated me for not being able to deliver headlines for a newsletter.

I just don’t get why this newsletter project is a big deal. To me, this is not an urgent matter, and I wasn’t entirely briefed on what to do. As far as I know, my priority is to ensure payout for the incentives that have been delayed. Due to all the minutes of the meetings that I had to re-type, the erratic queue and tools issues, the cases that needed closure, and the non-value adding meetings, I ended up ineffective.

I do not want to take any more minutes of any meetings.
I want to be able to sit down, think things through before being able to act or delegate the tasks to the right people. I want to be able to set my goals and act on them!

But every time I attempt to sit on my chair, someone calls for a meeting, or someone just pops out of nowhere. Suddenly, one of the higher beings opens up the door to remind me of an incentive program that need teasers, etc., etc., etc. Argh!

I hate them for not being able to come up with processes. They just rely on people who know things. And I hate me even more for wanting to things to be done right. I end up doing things on my own.

I better learn to keep my mouth shut, aside from learning how to say “No”. I have to know my bandwidth, and if I am reaching the limit.

Now, I am going back to square 1. Tonight, I’d print a copy of the One Minute Manager cheat sheet.
List down my goals in order of priority, and I’d make sure to finish them on the prescribed time.

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