Fashion Showcase

I had a wonderful weekend. Last Saturday July 23, I went to the 2nd leg of Cosmo Goes to Work Seminar in Carlos P. Romulo Hall in RCBC, Makati.

The talk was great. The first speaker was Miss Olen Juarez-Lim. she talked about Living Up To Your Greatest Potential. Greatest lesson learned: DON’T BE A DOORMAT and DONT BE AFRAID TO SAY NO.

Next was Mr Noli de Pala of HSBC. He’s the VP on Wealth and Management Training. He was able to give us a birds eyeview on good investments and great advice on financial management. Greatest lesson learned: Set a GOAL first and the rest should follow.

Mariel Chua gave her first talk as the new Beauty Editor. She focused on skincare and stressed on the importance of sunscreen. Greatest lesson learned: Cleanse, Tone (optional), Moisturize, and apply Sunblock. There were guest speakers that talked about skin repair, a certified dermatologist and Angel Jacob. They gave great advice on maintaining that youthful glow and acting on premature aging. Greatest lesson learned: SPF number +0 at the end is the number of minutes you are protected.

Barbi Chan gave us an enlightening demo on 5-minute make-up. She always thinks of the most practical ways of enhancing natural beauty in a rush. Greatest lesson learned: Base, Blush, Lipstick.

The last speaker was Donna Cuna-Pita. She gave great fashion tips to make the Cosmo working girl stand out in the office without being loud. Greatest lesson learned: A woman should have talent in able to wear stilettos for 8 hours.

The seminar ended with a raffle. Five lucky ladies were called up to receive Alfa bags and wallets; gift certificates from Karimadon and Via Venetto; and Nestlé Fitness gift packs. Ianne Evangelista, Cosmo’s New Editor-in-Chief, called up the names, I couldn’t believe that AEL MANLULU was included. I left the auditorium with a smile while singing, “Happy Birthday to me!”

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